About Us

How good is cake?

We love cake. Like... really love cake. And cookies. And slices... actually we could probably just say that we really love food.  But what we love more is seeing the look on someones face when they have just tasted something so delicious it could only be described as a mouth-gasm. So why not leave the messy kitchen and dishes to us and treat yo'self!

so fresh & so clean

We work with local suppliers as much as possible to source the freshest ingredients and support other local businesses. We aim to cook "from scratch" wherever possible so that you benefit from knowing exactly what is in your treats without all the added nasties.

there is no planet b

We are big fans of the environment. We aim to keep our kitchen as environmentally friendly as possible. We use local produce wherever possible to help keep travel emissions down, compost,  try to limit (with an aim to completely eliminate) our use of plastics & source earth friendly packaging, etc. Please help us by upcycling, reusing, returning or recycling your packaging!